Sleep Apnea Treatment Bethesda, MD

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Treatment Bethesda, MD

It is estimated that 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea and 80% of the cases of moderate and severe obstructive sleep apnea go undiagnosed. If you have discovered that you have sleep apnea, it could be time that you look into sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, Maryland. Our dedicated team of professionals from Advanced Sleep Treatment are standing by to help you.

Advanced Sleep Treatment has been working with patients with sleep apnea to provide them with a rested night of sleep. Sleep apnea can have a lot of detrimental effects on a person’s health and mental well-being. Getting treated could help you reduce the effects sleep apnea has had on your health and mental well-being.

This could be simply eliminating your snoring or significantly reducing it so that you can have a restful night’s sleep. It could also mean that you reduce any stress on your heart because of sleep apnea. Or even improving your mental health since mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, loss of motivation, shortened attention span, mood swings, and poor judgment are more common among people who suffer from sleep apnea. It’s in your best interest to speak with a professional about the severity of your sleep apnea and what treatment options you have so that you can be on the path to living a better life.

Sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD, can be life-changing and, for a lot of patients Advanced Sleep Treatment takes sleep apnea treatment very seriously. Here at Advanced Sleep Treatment, our goal is to serve our community by making treatment possible for everyone. We work with our patients to make sure that they are comfortable and choose the most appropriate treatment options. We provide our patients with the highest quality of oral appliances and education on the best practices in sleep hygiene to improve their condition.

The first step in improving your sleep apnea is setting up a free consultation with us at Advanced Sleep Treatment to get you the treatment that is best suited for you. We provide you with the proper tools and knowledge to make the best decisions for an overall healthier lifestyle. We are committed to you, and that is why we aim always to continue our education for sleep apnea and various treatments. 

We challenge ourselves so that we can be current with the latest studies and attending sleep CE courses. We always follow AADSM and Medical Board protocols for treating sleep apnea. You are in safe hands with us, and we want to work with you to improve your sleep apnea so that you can start enjoying your life again.

We believe sleeping better means living a better life, and you deserve a better and fulfilled life.

Are You Searching For Sleep Apnea Treatment in Bethesda, MD?

If you need sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD, contact Advanced Sleep Treatment and set up an appointment to better understand your sleep apnea and treatment options. 

Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

Familiarising Yourself With Sleep Apnea

Are you having trouble sleeping? Feeling tired when you wake in the morning? Does your sleep partner tell you that you make gasping sounds while you sleep? If you answered yes to these questions, there is a chance you have sleep apnea. 

Untreated sleep apnea can result in repeated stops in breathing during your sleep. This prevents your brain and the rest of your body from getting enough rest. Whether your case is mild or quite severe, we understand your frustration and concern. Consult Advanced Sleep Treatment to get Sleep Apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder that involves interrupted breathing patterns during a person’s sleep.

What Causes Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the most common form of apnea, and it is caused when the soft tissue in the back of the throat collapses during sleep and blocks the airway. Central Sleep Apnea occurs when the brain fails to send a signal to the muscles to breathe. This can happen due to an unstable respiratory control center.

Am I at risk?

Sleep apnea can affect anyone at any age. However, certain risk factors may increase your chances of developing the condition:

· If you are male

· If you are overweight

· Being over 40 years old

· Having a neck larger than 17 inches in diameter

· Having large tonsils or a small jaw bone

· Having allergies or sinus problems

What Are The Symptoms Of OSA?

Many people do not know that they have sleep apnea. They go to see a specialist because a partner is concerned about their snoring and breathing, or they are experiencing these otherwise unexplained symptoms:

  • Dry mouth
  • Sore throat
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Excessive sleepiness
  • Irritability and attention issues

How Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treated?

There are many options for sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD., beginning with conservative methods and home instructions before moving on to more effective treatments. Schedule an appointment with Advanced Sleep Treatment to discuss your sleeping issues and possible treatment options.

Depending on the cause and severity of the condition, Advanced Sleep Treatment may recommend one of the following methods:

  • Simply losing weight or changing your sleep position can be an effective snoring treatment for mild cases of sleep apnea.
  • Moderate cases may require a corrective device to prevent tissue from blocking the airways during sleep.
  • In more severe cases, the only effective snoring treatment may be surgery to remove excess tissue.

How Can I Stop My Snoring?

There are several tangible ways to get started on changing life patterns that often impact snoring. The good news is that these tips will not only help your snoring but also lead to overall health and a good night’s sleep.

If you’re seeking sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, Maryland, you’ll benefit from the attentive staff at Advanced Sleep Treatment who can help you get to the bottom of your problem. And if you’re having difficulties with snoring, you’re not alone – read on, and see how we can help.

Snoring can be a major roadblock to a good night’s sleep – not just for yourself but for your loved ones. In extreme cases, your snoring might wake up your wife or husband and even your kids sleeping down the hall. Fortunately, there are methods to prevent snoring, and you can try them tonight.

Before going straight to invasive surgeries or expensive CPAP machines, you should consider a few low-cost options that are easy and straightforward:

  • Try sleeping on your side. Obstructed airways cause snoring while we sleep. One of the most common causes of an obstructed airway is our tongue: If you sleep on your back, you increase the chances of your tongue rolling back and blocking your airway. Try sleeping on your side, so your tongue doesn’t work against you.
  • Make some lifestyle changes. Out of all the different methods to cut back on snoring, making a lifestyle change can be one of the most challenging. These are usually easier said than done, but the payoff is worth it – especially if you can finally get a full night’s sleep! If you’re overweight, lose weight, and if you’re a smoker, stop smoking. Additionally, try to avoid too much alcohol before bed. These changes can be challenging, but you’re making positive health choices at the end of the day and increasing your chances of a good night’s sleep.
  • Treat your allergies. Allergies cause us to get all stuffed up, and before we know it, we’re mouth-breathing. It’s a perfect storm for blocked or restricted airways and some pretty disruptive snoring. If you haven’t tackled your allergies, now might be the time to look into the proper medication. You’ll appreciate being able to breathe and sleep easier.

The above options are useful for fixing your snoring problem, and seeking out sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD, is one step further. If you’re desperate to fix your snoring, you can try a few of these more drastic measures, but be warned: Some of these options are expensive and invasive. 

  • Get a CPAP Device. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (or CPAP, pronounced “see-PAP”) devices are a bit bulky, but they can help you get a good night’s sleep. They work by applying continuous pressurized airflow to your nose and mouth. If you’ve ever seen those clunky-looking masks that people have for sleeping, then you know what a CPAP device is.
  • Surgery. In extreme cases, a medical professional can adjust the shape of your airway. This can reduce blockage and increase your airflow, but this option is intensive and expensive like all surgeries. Before going straight to this strategy, reach out to Advanced Sleep Treatment.

Contact Advanced Sleep Treatment

At Advanced Sleep Treatment, we understand the importance of getting the best sleep possible. When you contact us, we work closely with you to determine how to deal with your sleep apnea and snoring. Don’t hesitate – contact us today, and see how sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD, can give you your sleep back.

Seek Medical Advice

Snoring can be detrimental to your daily life and also present health risks. Get better sleep now by treating your sleep apnea. To learn more about your options regarding sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD, contact Advanced Sleep Treatment today!

People Who Suffer Sleep Apnea Can Be Oblivious

The problem with the disorder is, people who suffer from it are usually oblivious of the symptom as it takes place while they are asleep. Although it can be accompanied by loud snoring, they may remain unaware of its occurrence. That is why if a family member or a bed partner mentions the said symptom, you should seek a proper diagnosis from Advanced Sleep Treatment. This will increase the possibilities of sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD.

What can happen if a sleep disorder is not diagnosed and treated?

Chronic sleep deprivation from a sleep disorder can affect an individual’s mood, cognitive functioning, and overall health. Higher morbidity and mortality rates are seen in adults who get less than seven hours of sleep per night. Sleep disorders are an underlying cause for several other disease states and conditions. 

For example, research has shown that untreated sleep apnea is associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, heart failure, and stroke. Additional studies have demonstrated a connection between sleep-related breathing disorders and type 2 diabetes. Untreated sleep apnea can make it more challenging to manage the symptoms associated with all of these conditions.

In addition, with sleep deprivation, pro-inflammatory factors increase, and natural killer (NK) cells decrease, weakening your immune system and making it harder to fight bacterial and viral infections. For all of these reasons, it’s essential to diagnose and seek Sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD.

Other results of untreated sleep apnea may include:

  • Depression; In a study conducted to address the sleep habits of Americans, those who suffer from anxiety and depression are the ones who sleep less than six hours every night.
  • Can cause the person to look older.
  • Lack of sleep can cause the skin to lose its luster, and it also aggravates dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles that make a person age prematurely.
  • Increases one’s risk of being in an accident; Sleep apnea sufferers experience daytime sleepiness and reduced alertness. Driving in this state is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. They can sleep behind the wheel, which has caused a lot of car accidents.
  • Can cause a person to gain weight and have a problem losing it; People who lack sleep may notice that they are craving sweets and carbs. As a result, those who sleep less are more likely to gain weight; but at the same time, they may find it hard to lose some, too, since they lack the stamina to exercise.
  • Reduces a person’s cognitive capacity; People who do not have enough sleep can have trouble concentrating, reasoning, and problem-solving. They can also experience reduced alertness and attention impairment.

Seek Sleep Apnea Treatment in Bethesda, MD

To prevent the adverse effects of sleep apnea to one’s overall wellness, patients are advised to seek professional assistance. Book your appointment immediately at Advanced Sleep Treatment for the proper diagnosis and management of your condition.

Your Questions About Sleep Apnea Answered

Sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD, should be a consideration for those who suspect that there may be a problem. While no one wants to be diagnosed with sleep apnea- treatment can help to ensure that an overall improvement is made, allowing those who may be suffering to experience benefits that include:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Reduced Risk of Death
  • Diabetic Management
  • Lowered Risk of Heart Issues
  • Lowered Risk of Stroke

Whether you suspect that you have sleep apnea or you have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea- it’s completely normal to have several questions about your diagnoses and potential treatment options. Advanced Sleep Treatment is available to not only diagnose and treat your illness, but we can also assist with answering the many questions you have:

How is sleep apnea diagnosed?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that impacts a person’s breathing. Typically, sleep apnea happens when a person’s breathing starts and stops while they sleep. Your doctor will likely conduct a sleep apnea test, also known as a polysomnogram, when seeking treatment. A sleep study electronically monitors your sleep activity to determine whether you have some form of sleep disorder. When pursuing sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, Maryland, typical sleep studies are conducted in hotels or at the sleep center where medical providers monitor you. The test results will inform doctors of your sleep patterns by monitoring your sleep stages, brain activity, breathing, and more.    

Is there more than one type of sleep apnea?

There are three types of sleep apnea:

  1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea: the most common form of OSA where the throat muscles relax so much that the tissues in the back of the throat obstruct the airway.
  2. Central Sleep Apnea: is more challenging to treat and occurs when the brain is not sending messages to the muscles that manage the breathing. This form of sleep apnea is more severe because it can indicate signs of another underlying health issue.  
  3. Complex Sleep Apnea: this form of sleep apnea is the most severe because it combines obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. As a result, typical treatments such as the CPAP may not fully address the problem. While a physician may treat the obstruction with a CPAP, something else may be contributing to the sleep apnea. 

If I’m diagnosed with sleep apnea, will I have to wear a CPAP?

For those experiencing sleep apnea, the CPAP is the most effective treatment and one that professionals recommend. While many may be disheartened to learn that they require a CPAP to ensure an unobstructed airway and better sleep, a CPAP is the best way to experience better sleep. 

How long does it take to get used to wearing a device when I sleep?

The idea of a CPAP can feel invasive, and wearing one to sleep can take some getting used to. While the length of time to get used to a CPAP can vary, in most cases, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month.

For more information about sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD, call Advanced Sleep Treatment today!

Why Advanced Sleep Treatment offers the Best Sleep Apnea Treatment in Bethesda, MD

Tons of people live with obstructive sleep apnea, but many don’t know it. They may feel tired during the day or just not function as well as they could. Other people may be suffering from symptoms of sleep apnea – like headaches, daytime fatigue and memory loss – but they’re still unaware of it. This can lead to serious health problems and even death if left untreated.

Advanced Sleep Treatment is the best place to go for your sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD. With a highly trained staff, Advanced Sleep Treatment provides the best care for their patients. Applying our advanced treatment techniques and innovative technologies, we will be able to help you finally manage your sleep apnea and other related conditions.

Our focus is always on improving your quality of life through the most advanced treatment options available. Treating your sleep apnea can be a very rewarding step in your life. There are many aspects to consider when choosing the right treatment option for you, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

We want to make sure that every patient gets the highest quality products and service available in the industry, so we only use top-of-the-line products from reputable manufacturers. This ensures that you will receive the best results possible, without any risk of product failure or malfunction.

Treat Your Sleep Apnea with Advanced Sleep Treatment

Treating sleep apnea is not something that you can do on your own. You need the expertise of a doctor who knows how to treat sleep apnea patients. Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that can cause extreme fatigue and daytime drowsiness in those who suffer from it. If left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to serious health issues including heart failure and high blood pressure.

Advanced Sleep Treatment is the premier provider of custom-fitted mouthpieces and oral appliances for snoring and sleep apnea. We are a full-service dental laboratory that works closely with certified dentists to make sure our patients receive the most appropriate treatment possible to fit their needs.

Treating obstructive sleep apnea can provide a solution to breathing issues during the night. If you’re suffering from symptoms of sleep apnea, there are a number of effective treatments available to help you get a good night’s sleep. Advanced Sleep Treatment does not only provide you with customized oral appliances, but we also have trained dentists and staff who can help you find the best sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD for your condition. If you are tired of dealing with snoring or feeling tired throughout the day, contact us today for further information about our products and services.

Hiring Advanced Sleep Treatment for your Sleep Apnea Treatment is the wisest choice you ever made! Our licensed, certified and insured technicians have years of experience in the field, and our equipment is not only cutting-edge but also very affordable.

If you feel like you suffer from sleep apnea, you should see a doctor immediately. There are several types of sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda, MD available, depending on the severity of your condition. At Advanced Sleep Treatment, we use a form of non-invasive treatment called Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT). OAT is the most cost-effective treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea cases. It works by changing the position of the tongue in relation to the airway, which helps to keep it open during sleep. The device is custom-made by one of our doctors at our office in West Chester, PA, and fits in just one visit!

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