Prosomnus Oral Appliance Sleep Therapy Device

Prosomnus Oral Appliance Sleep Therapy Device Silver Spring MD

Prosomnus Oral Appliance Sleep Therapy Device Silver Spring MD

At Advanced Sleep Treatment, we can provide you with the best sleep apnea treatment in Silver Spring, Maryland. We use only the highest quality appliances with the finest materials for oral appliance therapy. We work with a select few manufacturers so we can ensure that you will receive premier treatment for sleep apnea. One of our favorite manufacturers to work with at our office in Silver Spring is our trusted partners at Prosomnus Sleep Technologies. Prosomnus helps Dentists treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea with ‘Better effectiveness and efficiency.

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies was founded on the premise that precision Dental Sleep Medicine can enable dentists to achieve better outcomes for more Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients, and that traditional Oral Appliance Therapy devices were a limiting factor.

Today, ProSomnus Sleep Devices are preferred by patients, providers, physicians and payers over CPAP and traditional oral appliances. ProSomnus is the leader in precision Oral Appliance Therapy devices and the only OAT Medical Device manufacturer exclusively dedicated to helping dentists create better treatment experiences.

Because Obstructive Sleep Apnea is considered a medical condition associated with significant health risks, treatment compliance with OAT is considered a very important factor in determining the effectiveness of the therapy. Prosomnus Oral Appliance Therapy Sleep Devices has as 71% efficacy rate with their devices. This means that 71% of patients are happy using their Oral Appliance for the treatment of OSA!

ProSomnus newest device is called the ProSomnus EVO and is the first Oral Appliance Therapy device to incorporate advanced materials, manufacturing robotics and artificial intelligence to advance the treatment of OSA. Patients prefer EVO to their CPAPs and legacy OAT devices in a controlled IRB Study. Providers prefer EVO’s material flexibility, patient customization, ease of delivery and increased durability. Physicians prefer EVO’s design requirements, allowing the mitigation of side effects and promotion of oral appliance adherence utilizing medical grade MG6™ technology. Payers prefer EVO’s adherence, effectiveness, warranty, and daily treatment reimbursement expense. EVO’s net device cost of treatment is 33% less than CPAP or other oral appliances.

Another device that we use in partnership with Prosomnus Sleep Technologies is the ProSomnus IA (Iterative Advancement).  This precision manufactured [IA] Sleep Device is easy to customize for each patient centric treatment plan. Add Anterior Discluders, Airway Openings, Different Dual Post Angles, Splint Coverage Options, Unlimited Advancement Arches and more, all with the intent of optimizing treatment outcomes, patient experiences and clinical efficiency. Personalize and customize with the ProSomnus [IA] Device and Monogram Customization Options. We can also provide the ProSomnus IA Select devicewhich can be used for patients with challenged lip competency.

For our Medicare covered patients we offer the ProSomnus [PH] Precision Herbst-style Sleep Device which is FDA cleared, Medicare verified and designed to provide a better experience for all patients. Incorporating the ProSomnus precision OAT platform, ProSomnus [PH] offers all the benefits of ProSomnus [IA] and [CA], using a Herbst-style advancement mechanism providing 7.0mm total titration. ProSomnus [PH] provides greater comfort, durability, smaller overall volume, ease of use and efficiency over predicate Herbst-style devices

Overall, Prosomnus Oral Appliance Sleep Therapy Device Silver Spring MD, residents recommend, is one of our most trusted sources for manufacturing our highest quality oral appliances for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. To learn more, contact us at Advanced Sleep Treatment, today!

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